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The MDBWA is proud to spotlight our member, Kate Thomson, Director - Independent Zyia Active Representative!

Kate is a passionate woman with a serious love for active and ath-leisure wear. Whether she’s headed to an office or the gym my clothes are fashionable, comfortable and stylish.

Take a look at what Kate had to say:

1️⃣What’s the business advice you would give today to your younger self?

✔️Stay Consistent, stay true to yourself it’s what makes you unique.

2️⃣What’s one thing people would be surprised to learn about you?

✔️I auditioned for Canadian Idol, and I’m a new grandma.

3️⃣What’s your favourite part about what you do?

✔️Connection ~ I love connecting with other people and helping them find their inner confidence.

4️⃣What is your favourite part about being a member of MDBWA? If you are a new member, why did you join?

✔️The community!!

For more details about Kate Thomson and Zyia Active, head on over to her Facebook Group (Confidently Stylish & Comfortable with Kate ~ Independent Zyia Rep) , her shop page HERE, or on Instagram (@zyiawithkatet)!

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