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CC Magnetic Field Therapy

Energizing Cells for Better Health

Happy anniversary Christine – one year in business as of January 2019. And one year migraine-free too (after over 30 years of migraines)! 

PEMF can eliminate pain, increase wellness and restore mobility.

Eliminating chronic pain and restoring energy and mobility mean getting your life back – deep, restorative sleep, the ability to cook, garden, run and play. Removing that pain and irritation means a better mood that leads to happier relationships and more enjoyment back in your life.

High-Powered Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) is like a battery charger for cells.

PEMF’s safe and gentle energy helps the cell do what it is meant to do-including transporting oxygen and nutrients in, forcing waste out, communication with other cells and repairing itself.

In as little as 15 minutes this non-invasive, gentle therapy Improves range of motion, increases energy, and makes users simply feel better!

Chronic (ongoing) pain is a real concern – especially as the mainstream practice is to medicate away that pain. This can lead to bigger problems – and typically doesn’t even solve the issue!

“Many of my clients have almost given up hope of ever finding relief. Some, like me, had lived with pain for decades. They are just hoping to reduce their pain or stiffness enough to function more fully in life.”

 “Thank you, Christine for introducing me to Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy. I can’t believe how good I felt after one treatment.  I have tried different modalities and this is far the best I have ever felt.  If you are looking for a treatment that reduces pain, helps to heal you naturally and just feel wonderful then you have to try PEMF.

If you are looking for a practitioner who is passionate, knowledgeable and kind than look no further than Christine.”

-D. Day

Meet Christine:

“I feel a real sense of purpose, being able to bring this therapy to people and animals alike.

Like many entrepreneurs, I had been researching solutions for myself when I came across the idea for this business.

Like many women – that meant I was researching solutions for my horses and my family members! The fact that I had been suffering from migraines wasn’t part of the original motivation.

My migraine story is worth sharing. I had suffered for decades with migraines on a regular basis, which at times became so severe that it drove me to the Emergency Room. I had undergone an EEG, sleep studies, tried many different expensive medications for both prevention and pain reduction of migraines all with no success. I felt like I was keeping Advil in business – with bottles in my purse, vehicle and every room in the house.

During my research, I booked a demo of this machine on my horse and my family member – getting a demo for me was a bonus!

Since that first treatment, my migraines were gone. The healing that my family member and horse experienced were equally profound.

I purchased the machine and became a certified PEMF therapist right away.

I knew this would be a business I could be proud of, and I was so right.

Each client’s life I touch fills me with purpose and joy as I get to help them in a very real and tangible way. “

More about PEMF:

PEMF is a drug free way to relieve pain inflammation, reduce stress, accelerate healing and improve performance. This alternative form of therapy has been safely used for over 50 years worldwide in improving health & enhancing performance. Clinical evidence shows that PEMF therapy reduces pain associated with trauma from accidents, sports injuries, surgeries and burns as well as from disease and degeneration.

PEMF is drawn to cells that need it; cells that don’t need it let PEMF energy pass by.

PEMF Stimulates all levels of the body; cells, tissues, organs and complete body systems.

PEMF is highly versatile and generally shows results quickly. PEMF predictably reduces pain.

Initial improvements last from 4 hours to 4 days as the healing process begins.  Repeat use extends the period of benefits and helps reduce/reverse chronic issues (such as organ dysfunction) over longer periods.


Are you ready to say goodbye to aches, pain and stiffness? Christine welcomes all of your inquiries. Explore with her how PEMF may be the solution that you have been looking for.

People of all ages, animals and skeptics welcome : )

Contact Christine today:


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